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Northern Ireland, Hong Kong & Dubai

While Yeoman and Kinsman are mainly based in England and Scotland some are further a field. Below is some information on these. If you have any more information of pictures please let me know. I can be contacted on

We have the following boats Y84, Y98, Y112, Y150 and K26 as being in the Netherlands Y139, Y148 and Y154 in Switzerland and Y182 in Dubai. There are also a couple in the Republic of Ireland. If you know any different please send me a mail.

Northern Ireland

Strictly speaking this fleet is in the UK but we have recently been made aware of a new fleet forming in Northern Ireland.

I just thought you would like to post our club as having a fleet of Yeoman's, well 10 anyway! There has been one sailed at the club since it was brought over new, sail no. 22. We subsequently had about 2 more and since last year we have built up the fleet to 10.

The original one, no 22 was brought to the club by a Commander Creighton, who was a sailing instructor, I believe, to various members of the Royal family in the past. Anyway, we are LEYC, Lough Erne Yacht Club, based on Lough Erne (strange coincidence!) Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. If you Google, LEYC, it comes up first on the search.

We have found the Yeoman's absolutely ideal for this lake. Several members, including myself, tried National Squibs, and they just don't suit the weather and lake conditions (too little canvas). We have also noticed that nearly every boat no matter what the age is just as competitive, which is great. There are several J24 owners who might jump ship, just because they see the fun we are having without the need to rely on a regular crew number.

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Hong Kong

Sand Piper in Hong Kong harbour

Fellow Yeoman sailors in Hong Kong have contacted us. It turns out that they have one Yeoman at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Up to now they have been unaware of the class of boat they had but after some searching on the Internet found this website and the mystery was solved.

There are no details of who owned it or how it got there. If you have any details please email myself (Website Editor) at and I will pass the details on.

The Yeoman known as Sand Piper has been used to introduce students to sailing Keelboats. They also take out terminally ill kids for a cancer charity. It is now hardly used but can be hired out by RHKYC members. Below are some more images please click on them to see a larger copy.

Sand Piper in Hong Kong harbourSand Piper in Hong Kong harbourSand Piper in Hong Kong harbour

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A Yeoman has even made it to the Middle East. There is one Yeoman at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC). Big Blue has been out there for several years now and considering the unrelenting sun is in good condition. She is cruised on the Gulf in the cooler months (it can get to over 45C in the summer). Mark is the third owner of Big Blue since she has been in sunnier climes. The last owner sailed her out of Abu Dhabi. In April 2008 I was fortunate enough along with the association secretary to pay Mark and his crew Steve a visit. I can confirm that going for a sail on the Gulf makes a relaxing change to racing on the Broads. Below are a couple of pictures from the visit. The first picture is off their clubhouse and you can play spot the Yeoman in the second.

DOSC Clubhouse Yeoman on it's mooring

Getting ready DOSC Clubhouse

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