Yeoman & Kinsman Association

For Sale Board

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What is the For Sale Board and who can put items on it

The For Sale Board is a series of web based advertising pages and is where paid up Association members can advertise any boating related items for free.

How to put an item on the board

You will need to email the web designer at with a description including price of the item and any photos. You will also need to include your name and contact details. If it is found that you are not a paid up Y&K Association members or any details are missing you will be contacted. In addition should your item not be suitable for the board a rejected mail with explanation will be sent to you. Items will be displayed for 1 month unless the Association are contacted otherwise.

How to buy or query an item

If you wish to buy or query an item please contact the seller on the details provided with the advert. Do not contact the Association or Betts Moulding Ltd neither party have anything to do with any items for sale or the sales process. The Association will not give out any contact information on members unless the member gives written consent for us to hand their details out.


The Yeoman & Kinsman Association does not take responsibility for any part of the sale process including money transfers. The Association can't be held responsible for defective items or non-payment or deliver of items. The buyer and seller take full responsibility for sales during all parts of the process.