Seat Tanks

Seat Tanks in YeomanSeat Tanks in action

The original objective was to build a boat that meet E.U recreational craft directives and this seat layout has many advantages over the original layout. It has considerably more buoyancy capacity and is designed to minimise the amount of water taken on when the boat is broached over. It also greatly increases the rigidity of the hull. I can take little if any credit for this design of tank Peter Watson was the driving force behind this design with a very simple concept of keeping the water out of the boat rather than keeping the boat afloat full of water. Peter Watson's proposals were that the side seat should act in continuation of the narrow deck, with upward end return sealing off water from entering other parts of the hull. The seat tanks are formed to be divided into two compartments to create four additional to those fore and aft.

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Item Kit Price Fitted Price
Seat Tanks £1,150 £1,500

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