The lack of buoyancy in Yeoman/Kinsman has always been a concern. One of the simplest ways of improving the buoyancy is by fitting a bulkhead. In the event of a boat filling with water the bulkhead prevents water flooding on to the top of the bow tank. It is very important to prevent the water flooding forward as the boat full of water has tendency to nose dive. It also improves the rigidity of the hull and helps support the deck. It is fitted with a large inspection hatch enabling easy access to the bow section. It is recommended that this bulkhead is bonded in place on the inside of the compartment as well as on the outside face. It is important to remember with a boat full of water it will have to withstand considerable pressure.

Line drawingHatch fixings

Item Kit Price Fitted Price
Bulkhead £240 £340

Prices change due to material cost and are also subject to the current rate of tax. Please email us at info@ykboats.co.uk for our current prices or more information.

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