Anti-swamp Seating

Anti-swamp SeatingYeoman on it's side

This new layout has been designed for those boats that already have buoyancy (i.e.) the Moores fitted side tanks and those boats fitted with inflatable bags. It offers very effective protection against the boat filling with water in a broach. Under normal sailing circumstances a broach is highly unlikely but for those people who like to race like me, I often find myself on a fine reach with the spinnaker flying in this situation it is very likely. When the boat is tipped over the seat prevents the water entering the boat in the same way as the new seat tank layout so you haven't got a boat full of water when the broach has passed which means,

  1. Regaining control is much easier
  2. Very little water to bail out
  3. You can continue in the race

Not only does it improve the safety of your sailing it also increase the rigidity of the hull the seat layout is longer and wider and far more comfortable than the original slatted seats. It is important to remember that this moulding offers NO additional buoyancy unlike the seat tanks that offer a similar broach protection but with four large buoyancy chambers built into the moulding under the seat.


Item Kit Price Fitted Price
Anti-swamp Seating £510 £710

Prices change due to material cost and are also subject to the current rate of tax. Please email us at for our current prices or more information.

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