300 Series Kinsman by Betts

300 Series Kinsman

Welcome to the 300 Series Kinsman.

This boat has been primarily designed for people who wish to trailer sail without having to worry about deep-water moorings, antifouling and all the associated hassle.

The road trailer hardly needs to go into the water with the wheels standing in about 15cm of water the boat will simply roll off the trailer and launch. Recovery is just as easy as the boat will automatically locate on the centre line of the trailer when winching starts.

Launch and recovery pictures.

The new 300 series is a further improvement on this and with the ability of a quick easy launch and simple rig layout it makes for a hassle free job getting the boat ready to sail. From de-rigged on the road trailer to sails up in the water can be as little as 25 minutes.

When the boat has rigged and launched the next job is to lower the keel. With the keel in it's raised position the boat is very stable and can be boarded without it rolling excessively. The keel is lowered on a cable winch that has automatically operated brake system on the winch handle. Therefore, you may let go of the winch handle when lowering or raising without fear of the winch handle turning by itself. When the keel is in its lowered position the bulb weight, which is 250 kilos, is 1 meter below the water line. This gives the boat an extremely high ballast ratio and therefore is very stable. This enables the boat to carry 20 square meters of sail upwind and up to 40 square meters of sail downwind with ease.

The 300 series Kinsman has a very user-friendly rudder arrangement. After the boat has been launched, the rudder is simply lowered and locked into its down position by pulling a lever. To raise the rudder simply push the lever the other way. This job takes literally seconds and removes the hassle of having to lift the rudder and stock assembly on and off the transom of the boat.

Details on the Kinsman including how to order can also be reached by the links at the top of this page. If you find the information you are looking for isn't there then please email our class builder Phillip Betts at info@ykboats.co.uk.